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About Selling Books on Consignment
How to consign
  • Check the salability of your books above.
  • Select items you would like us sell on your behalf.
  • Pay the shipping up front.
  • Download a shipping label.
  • Pack your books in a box, affix the shipping label
  • Drop off at your local Canada Post outlet.

What happens next
  • Your books are catalogued and qualified by our experts.
  • Books will show online as soon as we have qualified them.
  • Payments are made right to your online account when books sell.
  • Use credits to order additional books.
  • Request a cheque payout from your account at any time.
Why consign with us?
  • Our markets include independent schools, public schools,
    school boards, college and university students and numerous online market places.
  • Your books are stored and listed for a minimum of two years.
  • We act as a single source for teachers, parents, homeschoolers,
    and students of all sorts, enabling us to receive better prices
    for your books and increase the likelihood of a sale.
  • Payouts are based on the sale price, not on a lowballed estimate.
  • Logistics of shipping, returns and customer concerns are handled by us.
What if I'm missing a resource that goes with the book?
  • Our experts will list your book according to it's condition and any included or missing materials.

Should I consign my books if the payout is small?
  • Consign high value and low value items together to reduce shipping costs and maximize your payout.
  • As long as we can locate a title for your items, someone out there will be able to find it if they want it.
  • If you plan on recycling your books, it's better to let us sell them for you first and recycle the ones that may not sell.

What if I send in books not selected to consign above?
  • A one time processing and storage fee of $0.80 / book applies to all items not listed in advance.
  • Any additional books submitted will be charged additional shipping, processing and storage fees as would normally be charged above.
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