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At bookpower, we pride ourselves in helping you save on new and used textbooks, novels and other engaging resources to help empower learning, imagination, creativity and innovation. We do this while helping the environment through charitable giving and recycling and providing other fundraising opportunities for organizations.
Bookpower provides a convenient way to:
(powered by Canadian School Book Exchange)
  • Buy affordable new and quality used books of all kinds.
  • Sell the books you no longer use that may have resale value
  • Repurpose other books you no longer use by:
  • Recycling books that have no resale value at all
  • Donating all or a portion of sale proceeds of in-demand books to reputable charities that support environmental causes
  • Raise funds for your own organization or other qualifying charities in conjunction with benefits above
  • Bookpower's proud history:
    1969 Searchfast Systems Limited was formed to develop information retrieval systems for use by universities and later by large commercial clients.
    1977 While contracted to the 3rd largest school board in the country, Searchfast developed a modernized Textbook Management Solution that saved them hundreds of thousands of $/year by streamlining purchase, repair and distribution of textbooks and other teaching resources between schools.
    1993 Ontario School Book Exchange was formed to extend the Textbook Management Solution to other Ontario school boards
    1994 OSBE was renamed Canadian School Book Exchange (CSBE) as the company expanded its operation nationwide. Many additional services were added such as TuffbindingTM, traditional rebinding, recycling programs etc.
    1999 CSBE pioneered a new online student ordering and textbook management system for top independent schools. This service grew rapidly due to fantastic word of mouth, one school to another! Currently, CSBE serves 34 top independent schools, night schools and distance learning programs in Canada.
    2015 CSBE opened our Amazon store to offer off-curriculum books at reasonable prices to the general public, facilitated by the ever-increasing inflow of quality surplus off-curriculum books from parents of top independent schools, district libraries and the general public.
    2019 Bookpower.com was launched to offer a wider selection of new and used learning and recreational resources, at better prices, directly to customers while facilitating an easier way to sell, donate or recycle no-longer-needed resources.

    To learn more about bookpower and Canadian School Book Exchange and how we can help you with your new/used resource needs and surplus, contact us by clicking here!

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