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Star Crossed

cat #: 961359
ISBN 10: 0803498632
ISBN 13: 9780803498631
Year: 2007
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Book Summary
Estrella ''Star'' Whitney is at the top of her game as one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses, and she gets what she wants. On location in Wyoming, she finds out her agent has been passing on some more challenging roles, and she chooses to drive herself back to Los Angeles rather than fly with the rest of the crew. Her road trip is spoiled when a jaywalking rabbit causes her to swerve, lose control of the car, and end up in a gully. Rafe McKenzie is fighting to keep his ranch. A round-up, bringing his cattle to the high country for the summer, is a last-ditch attempt to save the ''Heartsong.'' Finding a pretty city girl along the way is the last thing he needs. Still, honor won't permit him to ignore her plight. Star hurts her ankle and can't travel, forcing Rafe to stay behind and care for her. The two of them are drawn closer together by the struggles and hardships they must face while finding their way through the wilderness. However, upon reaching civilization, Star can no longer keep her identity a secret. Learning that she is an actress, that she has lied to him, Rafe turns away from her. Star must convince him that they belong together. Fate crossed their paths, but now it's up to Star to take their relationship from ''star crossed'' to ''happily ever after.''

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