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Star Crossed

cat #: 961357
ISBN 10: 098020514X
ISBN 13: 9780980205145
Year: 2008
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Book Summary
The only complicated things in Teddy's life are cocktails...until Nick Chandler is added to the mix. Left at the altar, Teddy Richmond goes on her honeymoon alone to an exclusive Greek island resort. After a week of revenge-induced spending, the phantom groom cancels her credit card and Teddy moves out of the bridal suite into a room at the back of the hotel. When her retirement savings run out, Teddy decides to stay in Greece and rebuild a perfect life in which she has no responsibilities, no commitments, no heartbreak. Teddy rents a room with a view from a crabby old Greek woman and finds a job in a local taverna. She hangs out with her coworker, Chloe, the owner's American-Greek niece who loves celebrity gossip and complicated cocktails. Life is just the way Teddy wants it...until Nick Chandler arrives with his kids. All of a sudden, life becomes complicated, committed and downright scary. Star Crossed is the Bronze Winner of the 2009 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Award for Best Romance!!

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