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Halim El Roumi

cat #: 961191
ISBN 10: 6133926538
ISBN 13: 9786133926530
Year: 2010
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Book Summary
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Halim El Roumi, born Hanna Baradhy, was a Lebanese musician. He was the father of the Lebanese singer, Majida El Roumi. Born in Nazareth in Palestine, El Roumi started his artistic life as an amateur in 1935 and then enrolled in the High Institute of Arabic Music in Egypt where he acquired his diploma in 1939. He worked in Egyptian radio station and Radio Orient until the year 1950 when he was offered a job in the Radio Lebanon station as the head of the Music section, a job which he retained for 30 years. He helped in the development and restructuring of the station especially through the establishment of its musical band.

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