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Narrative Of The Life Of J. D. Green A Runaway Slave From Kentucky: Account Of His Three Escapes, In 1839, 1846, And 1848

cat #: 961150
ISBN 10: 802733411X
ISBN 13: 9788027334117
Year: 2019
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Book Summary
"Narrative of the Life of J. D. Green" is one of the "lost" voices and his story is one of the many that should be heard. Jacob in particular gave lectures at schools after he became free and gave light to a grim subject. Jacob D. Green (1813 – unknown) was a runaway slave from Kentucky that escaped three times from his masters. He escaped once in 1839 and 1846 then successfully in 1848 after being sold to a new master. Contents: Testimonials Narrative, &c What the "Times" Said of the Secession in 1861 (From the Liverpool Daily Post, Feb. 3, 1863) Secession Condemned in a Southern Convention Speech The Confederate and the Scottish Clergy on Slavery Slavery and Liberty

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