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Moem - The Beginning Book One

cat #: 961006
ISBN 10: 1552129888
ISBN 13: 9781552129883
Year: 2002
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Book Summary
Moem was a Priestess who had spent the better part of her life in cloistered surroundings within the protected walls of a temple under the tutelage of the High Priest and the Shaman Onedja. Moem was unaware that she was to become a valuable pawn for the Ancient Ones. The years spent in the temple were in preparation for one important moment in her life. The act of betrayal which would force her to flee the warm confines of her home in the middle of a storm-swept night.

The frightened Priestess would soon have to do battle with evil forces from the unseen worlds seeking possession of her beautiful mind and body. The one person who could save her stood by helplessly while she fought for her life and her very soul...

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