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Moem The Mystical Prophesies - Book Ii

cat #: 960997
ISBN 10: 1412089387
ISBN 13: 9781412089388
Year: 2007
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Book Summary
Strong hands lifted the lifeless form onto the makeshift bed. The Priestess had fought a long battle with the demon Bodharma and lost. She was in the final stage of death and her young son watched as the Medicine Man Yaztec dressed her wounds while The Spirit Dancers formed a tight circle around her chanting through the night urging her spirit to stay in her body.

His destiny no longer held any importance to him and Helios cried unashamed as he watched the women he loved, whom he came through the veils of time for, slip away leaving him devastated and alone.

At the eleventh hour when all seemed lost, Moem opened her eyes and moaned. She had seen the future and death for them all. Blood spilled upon the ground as the War on Katchwari had just begun.

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