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cat #: 960474
ISBN 10: 8088805147
ISBN 13: 9788088805144
Year: 2016
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Book Summary
This unique photographic publication is presenting 30 years of political, social and visual changes in the shop windows on Obchodná street (the Main Street) in Bratislava. The photographer Lubo Stacho started to take pictures in 1984 and by now he has made more than 5,000 shots of the shop windows on Obchodná street in Bratislava. The publication Obchodná contains 500 of the most distinctive shots, arranged by date, so the reader can follow the story of one of the most interesting street in Bratislava in time – end of "normalization", the long queues to get oranges, "perestrojka", November ´89, early capitalism, reconstructions and redesigns in the 1990s, globalization, seasonal sales and many more.

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