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13TH Eai International Conference On Body Area Networks

cat #: 960383
ISBN 10: 3030298965
ISBN 13: 9783030298968
Year: 2020
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Book Summary

The papers in this proceeding discuss current and future trends in wearable communications and personal health management through the use of wireless body area networks (WBAN). The authors posit new technologies that can provide trustworthy communications mechanisms from the user to medical health databases. The authors discuss not only on-body devices, but also technologies providing information in-body. Also discussed are dependable communications combined with accurate localization and behavior analysis, which will benefit WBAN technology and make the healthcare processes more effective. The papers were presented at the 13th EAI International Conference on Body Area Networks (BODYNETS 2018), Oulu, Finland, 02-03 October 2018.

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