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13 Stories About Harris

cat #: 960322
ISBN 10: 0823442497
ISBN 13: 9780823442492
Year: 2020
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Book Summary
A wry and affectionate look at the ups and downs of preschoolers in the big city.

"That's why they call permanent markers permanent," Harris' mother says as she surveys Harris and his best friend Ayana's handiwork in his bedroom.

In 13 illustrated vignettes, young Harris gets into big and little adventures at home, at best friend Ayana's house, and throughout his diverse city neighborhood.

Inspired by her own child, celebrated author-illustrator Amy Schwartz captures a preschooler's sense of wonder and possibility, such as when Harris and Ayana vow to keep holding hands "forever and ever"--even while riding stampeding elephants.

A Junior Library Guild Selection

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