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Dictionary - Collins Pocket Spanish/English

cat #: 287100
ISBN 10: 0-00-732498-7
ISBN 13: 978-0-00-732498-9
Year: 2010
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Book Summary

Features include:

All the latest words in both languages, such as downloadable, Wi-Fi in English, and huella de carbono, bloguear in Spanish

Full GCSE coverage

An in-depth and up-to-date supplement with information about Spain, its people and its language to help you take your learning to the next level

Help with Spanish verbs

Clear, colour layout, useful examples, language and cultural notes

COLLINS POCKET SPANISH DICTIONARYhas been designed to give travellers, business people and the general user alike all the information they need in a portable, hard-wearing format.

It includes all the latest words reflecting changes in modern lifestyle, as well as all the features you would expect from a Collins dictionary: an easy-to-read colour layout, special treatment of key words such as can, that, ser, de, notes about life in French-speaking countries and warnings on commonly confused words.

An in-depth and up-to-date supplement helps you to develop your knowledge of French and your confidence in the language, with a section on common translation difficulties to guide you. There is information on pronunciation and improving your fluency, as well as the words and phrases you will need in different situations, like sending email or making a phone call. The supplement also gives you an insight into France its people and other French-speaking countries.

Verb tables show all verb forms for the most common French verbs and give examples of how these are used.

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